Beyond the Summit Lets Go Of All Full-Time Staff

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Beyond the Summit Lets Go Of All Full-Time Staff

An icon in grassroots event organizing officially has a questionable future.

For years, Beyond the Summit has been a premiere household name in Esports, hosting top-tier events for various games like Smash, DOTA 2, TFT, Rocket League, and CS: GO. 

With over 20 billion lifetime minutes watched on Twitch and as the 5th most-viewed Twitch of all time, Beyond the Summit is no slouch. They're one of the foremost leaders in the world of Esports. Or they were, because unfortunately, after more than a decade of excellent work, Beyond the Summit is taking a big step back in the world of event organizing.

End of an Era

LD of Beyond the Summit posted a tweet yesterday regarding the future of Beyond the Summit. And that future is that Beyond the Summit, unfortunately, will not have much of one, as they are letting go of all their full-time staff. 

The independent Beyond the Summit staved off shutdowns in the midst of the COVID pandemic, but the gaming scene, in general, has taken some noticeable hits recently. And with a looming recession in America, it has finally become too much for Beyond the Summit to handle. 

In the document explaining the decision to downsize Beyond the Summit, LD explains that Beyond the Summit could go under completely in a mere few weeks if things don't turn around. If that were to happen, everyone employed at Beyond the Summit would be left out to dry with no severance packages and no heads up that their job was no longer available. As such, Beyond the Summit is making the tough premature decision to let go of staff now with full severance bonuses and the opportunity to start seeking employment elsewhere. 

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All full-time staff will stay on the payroll for the next two weeks, given an additional two weeks of severance pay after that and additional severance depending on the time with the company. Beyond the Summit will also continue to pay for their employees' medical benefits through the end of April.

One Last Tour

Despite their future remaining uncertain, Beyond the Summit fully intends to fulfill all remaining active contracts on their schedule. That includes Smash Ultimate Summit 6. And after all the drama surrounding Nintendo's decision to partner with Panda Global for official Smash events moving forward, Smash Ultimate Summit 6 might be the last international hurrah for Smash. 

While Beyond the Summit has been an excellent organizer for numerous Esports, it holds a special place in the hearts of those in the Smash community. If Beyond the Summit has to have a swan song, it's fitting it would be Smash Ultimate Summit 6. 

Will Grassroots Organizations Ever Succeed On This Scale Again?

Grassroots Esports organizations are the epitome of perseverance. Even a juggernaut like Beyond the Summit struggled for years before it became truly profitable. But they never gave up and ended up as one of the best in the industry. And all the while, they did so while remaining independent and keeping faith with the various Esports communities. That's an achievement to be proud of. 

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To say that Beyond the Summit will be leaving behind a mountain-sized void would be a mountain-sized understatement. And I find it hard to believe that any grassroots organization could possibly step up and fill that place as a go-to independent organizer that gamers can rely on. Grassroots organizations will always be around locally, but as far as the global stage goes, this may be the last curtain call. 

But it's better it happened and is ending than it never happening at all. Thanks for all the memories BTS.