Heroes Severely Nerfed In Dota 2 Patch 7.34

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Heroes Severely Nerfed In Dota 2 Patch 7.34

Explore Dota 2's Patch 7.34 that introduced devastating nerfs and adjustments that really took a toll on some Heroes

Dota 2 has undergone a big update called Patch 7.34 on August 9th. Over 100 heroes, which is almost 90% of the total, have been changed in some manner. This is to prepare for a busy month of professional play leading up to The International tournament.

Changes to in-game items will also have a big impact at The International. They've also significantly changed how teams pick heroes in the game, especially in tournaments. This means that even the heroes that didn't get made weaker won't be seen as much in big matches and regular games.

With so many changes in 7.34, we've chosen a few heroes that we believe players will like, and a few that might not do so well for now.

Heroes Severely Nerfed In Dota 2 Patch 7.34

Heroes That Were Affected Negatively by Dota 2 Patch 7.34

Here is a list of all the Heroes who suffered from the heavy changes of the Dota 2 Patch 7.34.

1. Doom

The menacing presence of Doom has undergone changes that affect his abilities on the battlefield.

  • Doom’s ultimate Doom no longer applies mute to enemies, meaning they will be able to use their items even when Doomed.

2. Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit‘s blazing nature has seen adjustments, influencing his speed and damage over time.

  • Fire Remnant now requires more time to cast (Cast Point increased from 0.1s to 0.2s).
  • Aghanim's Shard Burn Radius reduced (from 600 to 450) and burn damage now activates only when the Remnant stops moving.

3. Enchantress

Enchantress' untouchable nature has experienced palpable modifications, influencing her ability to deal with physical attacks.

  • Attack slow from Untouchable has been decreased across its levels (120/160/200 to 100/150/200).

4. Enigma


Enigma‘s ability to summon Eidolons has seen massive changes, and now he can no longer get an easy last hit or deny by targeting creeps. 

  • Demonic Conversion no longer targets units directly, instead, it costs health alongside mana (75/100/125/150 Health as per levels).
  • Level 10 Talent – Eidolon Attack Speed reduced from +12 to +10.

5. Legion Commander

The valiant Legion Commander‘s attributes have been tweaked, affecting her base strength and mobility.

  • Base Strength decreased by 2.
  • Base Movement Speed reduced from 330 to 325.

6. Meepo

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Meepo‘s 53%+ win rate has been noticed by Valve, and so his attributes and abilities have been recalibrated, influencing his overall capabilities and potential.

  • Strength gain lowered from 2.5 to 2.2.
  • Agility gain reduced from 2.2 to 2.1.
  • Base Intelligence lowered from 20 to 18.
  • Level 15 Talent – “Earthbind grants True Strike” has been moved to Level 20 Talent.
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7. Mirana

Mirana‘s ability to deal decent early game damage with Sacred Arrow and Leap away to safety have both been hampered, influencing the potency of her long-range engagements.

  • Sacred Arrow deals slightly less damage at maximum range (Maximum Damage decreased from 180 to 150/160/170/180).
  • Leap‘s Base Charge Restore Time rescaled for balanced usage (from 45/50/35/30s to 52/44/36/28s).

8. Pangolier

The dexterous swordsman, Pangolier, is facing difficulties with the new update which has hampered his damage mitigation and disables.

  • Shield Crash no longer reduces damage per Hero, instead granting a barrier of 50/100/150/200 based on the number of Heroes hit.
  • Lucky Shot no longer disarms foes but applies an attack speed reduction effect.

9. Spectre

Spectre’s phantasmal abilities have been swapped out, decreasing her spectral mobility and fear-invoking presence.

  • Shadow Step is now an ultimate ability with distinct attributes (Haunt Damage 40/60/80%, lasts 5/6/7s, cooldown of 80/60/40s).
  • Reality now conjures a Spectral Dagger on the target.
  • Haunt is now an upgraded ability of Aghanim's Scepter.

10. Storm Spirit

The electrifying Storm Spirit‘s powers have been decreased, reducing the damage output of his Ball Lightning per distance traveled. Although not much, it really adds up in the long run. 

  • Ball Lightning's damage potential is reduced across all levels (from 8/12/16 to 6/10/14).

11. Timbersaw

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Timbersaw‘s mechanical prowess has been tweaked, hurting his ability to last-hit early on and getting rid of his +7% Spell Amplification Level 15 Talent entirely. 

  • Base Damage lowered by 3.
  • Level 15 Talent – Now offers a new choice, granting +3% Whirling Death Stat loss instead of +7% Spell Amplification.

12. Tinker

Tinker‘s inventive brilliance has been negatively altered, affecting his magical arsenal’s disables and damage output.

  • Strength gain lowered from 2.5 to 2.3.
  • Heat-SeekingMissile demands more mana to cast (Mana cost increased from 95/105/115/125 to 105/115/125/135).
  • Rearm also requires more mana (Mana cost increased from 130/185/240 to 140/195/250).
  • Level 10 Talent – Now offers a new choice, increasing +50 Laser Radius instead of extending +2 Blind duration.
  • Level 25 Talent – Reduces Heat-Seeking Missile‘s ministun duration (from +0.25s to +0.2s).

13. Undying

Undying‘s undead might have been reworked, influencing his strength and abilities’ effectiveness greatly.

  • Base Damage lowered by 4.
  • Decay‘s cooldown is extended (from 10/8/6/4s to 13/10/7/4s).
  • Soul Rip‘s mana cost is slightly reduced (from 120 to 110).
  • These alterations invite players to adapt and explore new strategies as each hero navigates the dynamic landscape of Dota 2.
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Overall Effect on Hero Types:

As for non-specific and rather play-style based nerfs, here are to two categories of Heroes negatively affected by the 7.34 Patch.

Illusion Heroes

Illusion heroes, those that create copies of themselves, have felt the impact of recent changes. Tweaks to items like Radiance, Maelstrom (including Mjollnir and Gleipnir), and Shiva’s Guard have heightened the challenge for them. Moreover, Pudge‘s Hook can now swiftly eliminate illusions.

Naga Siren

The heroes themselves have also seen a decrease in power. Phantom Lancer‘s talents and Naga Siren’s armor, for instance, have been toned down. These adjustments collectively pose greater difficulty for illusion heroes. Nonetheless, despite these changes, illusion heroes have been performing admirably lately, achieving impressive win rates in matches. Dark Seer is another hero to keep in mind; his Wall of Replica illusions and Normal Punch will also be impacted, alongside the reduction in Vacuum ability's radius.

Support Heroes as Cores

It’s time to rethink using Winter Wyvern and Snapfire as cores. Snapfire’s Lil’ Shredder ability, which boosts damage, now becomes available at level 25, reducing her effectiveness as a core. Although her level 20 multishot ability remains impactful, fewer players are likely to employ Snapfire in this role. 

Winter Wyvern heals allies in battles using Cold Embrace

Moreover, Winter Wyvern no longer inflicts free physical damage on enemies ensnared in her Winter’s Curse. As for Winter Wyvern, she is now better suited for a support role, excelling in aiding her team. Her Cold Embrace ability provides heightened healing, and her ultimate ability boasts a shorter cooldown. She is a more suitable choice for the four or five positions on the team. While players may occasionally opt for an Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade for her, the primary focus should return to utilizing her as a pivotal support, as was the norm in the past.


In Dota 2's Patch 7.34, heroes like Doom, Ember Spirit, and Enchantress face significant nerfs, challenging their strengths. Illusion heroes grapple with item adjustments, while Winter Wyvern and Snapfire shift to support roles. Amidst changes, Dota's dynamic spirit prevails, birthing fresh strategies and narratives on the battlefield.