Top 3 Powerful Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

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Top 3 Powerful Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Here is our pick for the top 3 powerful Dota 2 laning duo Hero combos that will ensure you dominate your lane for some easy MMR

If you have been playing Dota 2 for long enough, you know that winning the lane is the first step to winning the game. Choosing the perfect combination of Heroes to create the ultimate duo will help you secure farm, map control and dictate the game’s tempo. With smart choices and cheesy combos, you and your duo will ensure your lane paves the path to victory.

So without further ado, let's head into some tried and tested Hero duos that you can abuse to secure some easy MMR and climb the rank tree with dominating vigor.

Top 3 Dual Hero Combos

Here are our picks for some of the most potent and unstoppable Hero duos that will dominate any lane.

1. Puck and Snapfire – Cute and Deadly 

Top 3 Powerful Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
Credit: Valve, Dota 2

Puck is a powerful spellcaster Intelligence Hero capable of dealing devastating teamfight spell damage and disables. Whether it's entering fights with the long range burst damage from Illusory Orb, or the Area of Effect (AoE) nuke and silence from Waning Rift, when the going gets tough, it can always Phase Shift to safety. Its powerful stunning lockdown Dream Coil opens enemies up to serious AoE combos.

Snapfire is a heavy damage-dealing Universal Hero capable of dealing massive physical and magical damage from long range. Her Scatterblast and Lil’ Shredder both deal massive amounts of damage and her utility Firesnap Cookies lets allies jump out of trouble or into the fray by stunning enemies. Her ultimate Mortimer Kisses works as long range artillery, dealing massive damage with each projectile.

  • Firesnap Cookie + Waning Rift – Puck’s Waning Rift does massive AoE damage and silence, but lacks a natural mobility or stun when closing the gap. Snapfire’s Firesnap Cookie enables Puck to close the distance and stun enemies upon landing, followed by the damage and silence.

  • Scatterblast + Illusory Orb – Both Puck and Snapfire have incredible early-game damage, allowing them to dominate whichever lane they head to. Snapfire can use Scatterblast to harass approaching enemies and Puck can use its Illusory Orb to farm, harass or even escape any potential ganks.

  • Phase Shift + Firesnap Cookies – Puck can disengage any gank or disable attempts by using its Phase Shift. Following that up, Snapfire can use its cookies to get Puck out of trouble, or launch herself forward to stun any enemies awaiting Puck’s return.

  • Dream Coil + Mortimer Kisses – Puck can initiate with a well-timed Dream Coil, locking enemies with stunning tethers which they will usually avoid breaking. During that time, Snapfire can devastate the entangled enemies with an artillery barrage from her Mortimer Kisses, making it a devastating combo. 


2. Timbersaw and Keeper of the Light – Bursting With Mana

Top 3 Powerful Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Timbersaw is a highly mobile and damaging Universal Hero capable of cutting down enemies and trees alike. With his Whirling Death’s high damage and attribute steal, and his Timber Chain’s high range mobility and damage, he can whizz around the battlefield dealing deadly damage. His Reactive Armor makes him very tanky and his Chakram excels in dealing massive damage over time in an AoE. 

Keeper of the Light (KotL) is a supportive spellcaster Intelligence Hero who is adept at pushing and defending, and blessing his allies with plentiful Mana. His Illuminate deals a great amount of burst damage, helping him push, defend and deal massive damage in teamfights. His Blinding Light flashes enemies in teamfights and his Chakra Magic grants allies a burst of Mana regeneration. Finally, his Spirit Form grants him increased speed, range and extra abilities.

  • Illuminate + Chakram – Keeper of the Light takes a while to channel his Illuminate for full damage, so Timbersaw’s Chakram is a perfect tool to slow down enemies in a massive AoE and line them up for powerful burst damage. This combination is also particularly effective in clearing waves.

  • Whirling Death + Timber Chain + Chakra Magic – Timbersaw excels when he has good Mana regeneration, as his abilities are particularly spammable and deal a ton of damage. With the help of KotL’s Chakra Magic, Timbersaw can easily spam his abilities in lane, making him a menacing lane opponent.

  • Blinding Light + Reactive Armor – Reactive Armor is a powerful tanking ability that gains charges per attack, healing Timbersaw faster the more stacks there are. This, paired with KotL’s Blinding Light’s miss chance and knockback is incredible in keeping Timbersaw alive.

  • Solar Bind + Will-O-Wisp + Chakram – Keeper of the Light’s Solar Bind and Will-O-Wisp are both effective at halting fleeing enemies, enabling Timbersaw to make more devastating use of his Chakram. All other abilities of Timbersaw also benefit heavily from these semi-disables. 

3. Ursa and Shadow Shaman – Hold and Tear

Top 3 Powerful Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR


Ursa is a high physical-damage dealing Agility Hero who is known for easily bursting down enemies with his attacks. He can slow down fleeing enemies with Earthshock, hitting them with lighting speed attacks from his Overpower. Each attack stacks his Fury Swipes, dealing more damage per stack. Finally, his Enrage ability lets him go into a rage and take high punishment.

Shadow Shaman is a supportive spellcaster Intelligence Hero with multiple disables to lock down enemies. His main nuke comes from Ether Shock which does high spell damage to multiple targets. But, his bread and butter is his Hex and Shackles, which disable enemies for a long duration when combined. Finally, his Mass Serpent Wards allows him to take down enemies and buildings alike.

  • Ether Shock + Earthshock – When an enemy dares to approach the duo, Ursa and Shadow Shaman can hit them with Ether Shock and Earthshock, dealing massive damage and slowing them as well. This high burst makes it difficult to approach them.

  • Hex + Overpower + Fury Swipes – Shadow Shaman can Hex an enemy to turn them into a chicken with reduced movement speed, enabling Ursa to close the gap and hit them for high physical damage with this Overpower and Fury Swipes combo.

  • Shackles + Overpower + Fury Swipes – Unlike Hex, Shadow Shaman has to be stationary to channel his Shackles, but also holds the enemy in place for a longer time. This means Ursa will have no difficulty launching into his physical damage combo and even following up with an Earthshock to seal the deal.

  • Hex + Shackles + Enrage – When facing an opponent, Ursa can refrain from immediately using up his Enrage ability, as Shadow Shaman is more than capable of disabling the enemy for a long while with his Hex and Shackles. 

Stay Tuned For More Broken Laning Duos

In Dota 2, laning duo combinations are vital and can significantly impact the game. Winning the lane is critical to success, and the suitable Hero Duo helps control the map and game tempo.

Try these combos in your games! Master their strengths and enjoy the rewarding impact. Try out different Hero Duos and stay tuned for more combos, as we'll be posting them soon for you to experiment with.