The First Details About the Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Are Revealed

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The First Details About the Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Are Revealed

An early sneak peek for the TFT fans waiting for the next set.

Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands and Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms have been a great success, but TFT is a game with a quick cycle and, as always, fans are already looking for the new set. Before today, there weren’t too many details known about the new set, as the lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has been more tight-lipped than usual on his streams.

But in a very happy surprise, Riot just uploaded a dev drop on their Teamfight Tactics Youtube channel, in which Mortdog gave the fans some preliminary information about the set. First of all, we finally have the name of Set 8, which will be Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack.

Augments are here to stay

Augments becoming a core part of TFT is not surprising for many players, as they have been extremely popular ever since their introduction in Gizmos and Gadgets. But now, it’s official! Augments will not only be in every set from now on but for Set 8, they will also interact with the core set mechanic, which looks like will be Heroes and Villains.

On top of new generic trait-specific augments, Set 8 will also have some “Hero Augments” that will interact with the set mechanic. These will buff individual Heroes or Villains. Two examples in the video were augments changing Alistar’s spell from single target to area-of-effect, and another that would give him %maxHP damage. They will be able to be offered once per game in any of the three points in the game. It also looks like these augments will give you a copy of the Hero champion to save you from low-roll moments. Every champion in the game will have two Hero Augments specific to them.

hero augments

Gameplay will be highly customizable to the player's preference

Two good news in the set for long-time TFT players. There won’t be any units that take two slots like Colossus from Set 6 or Dragons from Set 7. While fun at times, these units warped the game around them, making them either must-play units or very underwhelming.

The second one is probably the most exciting news in TFT history. With Set 8, the only League of Legends champion never to be in the game will join the ranks of TFT. That’s right, Rammus is here! Here is a full list of all the revealed Set 8 traits and champions so far.

  • Mech:
    • Sett
  • Threat: These units will not benefit from having multiple units from the same trait, but players will still be able to field multiple of them without any penalty. Individual threat champions will be stronger. They also have no other traits.
    • Rammus
    • Zac
    • Bel’Veth
  • Anima Squad: When an Anima Squad champion gets a takedown, they also gain a stack of “Fame.” Each stack of Fame gives these units AP and AD.
    • Jinx
    • Miss Fortune
    • Nasus
    • Sylas
    • Riven
    • Vayne
  • Star Guardian: Star Guardians generate more mana as players go up through the trait breakpoints.
    • Ekko
    • Kai’Sa
    • Lux
    • Nilah
    • Rell
    • Syndra
    • Taliyah
    • Yuumi
  • Underground: Mercenary-like trait of the set. They progress for their “heist” after each round, one for a win and two for a loss. You get offered a shop after seven progress, which gets powerful every round if players decide to wait.
    • Ezreal
    • Kayle
    • Samira
    • Sona
    • Vi
  • Ox Force: No specific detail, but in the video Mortdog made it sound like these units will have some sort of death-defying mechanic.
    • Alistar
    • Aphelios
    • Annie
    • Viego
  • Admin: Players will be able to choose the cause and effects of this trait.
    • Blitzcrank
    • LeBlanc
    • Camille
    • Soraka

admin set 8

When is TFT Set 8 coming out?

TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack will go live with the League of Legends patch 12.23, which is scheduled on December 7. This means Set 8 should also be available on Public Beta Environment (PBE) one patch earlier, around mid-November.

We also learned about the 2023 roadmap for Teamfight Tactics, which will include a new event for Monsters Attack in early 2023 and a mid-set expansion in Spring 2023. Preliminary dates for the next two sets were also given, the Summer and Winter of 2023.

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